You see it in movies and TV shows all the time. Someone is having a problem coping with someone or perhaps they are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident and they choose to go to counseling to help them move on. They arrive at the therapist’s office, lay down on the couch, and tell the counselor how they feel about different situations until they feel better. Is this what you think you should expect from counseling? Not necessarily. While many counselors and therapists may run their offices like this, there are many techniques and methods for counseling and it is important to find the one that works best for you. 

Do I have to be “sick” to go to a counselor?

No, and it’s important to remember that people with many levels of problems are going to see their counselor. Many people only need to go to a counselor for a few sessions and others choose to spend much longer seeking help. In fact, you may be going through temporary life changes that are causing stress and anxiety in your life, like preparing to get married, having your first child, or switching careers. You may wonder if these are “serious” enough to go seek help from a therapist, like at Lotus Wellness Center, and the answer is yes! 

What happens in a typical therapy session? What can I expect?

Many people wonder what a typical counseling session is and the truth is, it will be different depending on the person. The point behind counseling or therapy is to help you locate a problem in your life and help you try to work through it. Your counselor isn’t there to solve your problem for you and tell you you’re healed. Instead, be prepared to put the work in to get the results you are hoping for. Your counselor should work with you to teach you how to face your problems and overcome them. 

Won’t talking with a friend be just as effective as going to counseling?

Many counselors hope that they work with people who have friends and families who are supportive, caring, and willing to listen to a person’s problems, feelings, and goals. Not everyone is so fortunate, though. It is imperative that you have a social network or group of people you can rely on. Having a counselor is a great way for you to speak with someone who is objective and who can listen to your problems without you feeling like you have to hold back on how you feel.

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