FINRA Lawyer

Whenever you are working with a broker or brokerage firm to handle your investment, you need a FINRA lawyer at your side to see to it that your matter is resolved fairly. Protecting your rights as an investor at all times is crucial. Many people opt to have an investment broker assist them with their transactions on the stock market to maximize their chances of success. However, sometimes a dispute with a broker or firm arises and you are not sure how to approach it. A FINRA lawyer in Columbia, MD like one from Crepeau Mourges can help you resolve these matters and more. 

Arbitration vs Court

Many brokerage firms have policies that prevent investors from taking them to court. When people choose to work with a broker or firm, they usually sign documents that explain how any disputes must be settled outside of court. Instead, if they have a claim they must take it to arbitration before FINRA. Before working with a broker, investors typically sign an agreement that waives their right to appear before a court. 

There are several major differences between arbitration and court. Rather than judge and jury, an arbitration panel is selected by FINRA and they will hear your and your broker’s argument. After weighing each argument and the evidence presented, the panel makes their final decision on the financial settlement, which is known as an award. The entire process is much more simpler and efficient than going to court, and awards are usually distributed in about a month. 

What a FINRA Lawyer Can Do for You 

Because FINRA law is a niche field of law, there are many things that a lawyer can help you resolve. They can give you legal advice, explain your rights in detail, assess your financial situations, and assist you throughout the arbitration process. Investment loss claims are one of the most common matters that a FINRA lawyer works on for their clients.  If you need assistance recovering your losses, they are there to help.  

Contact a Trusted Lawyer 

While investments do involve many risks, there is no excuse for any kind violation against the law. Investors should not be taken advantage of by powerful brokerage firms. If there is a dispute with a broker that you are unable to resolve on your own, contact a trusted FINRA lawyer that you can rely on to help you recover a fair settlement today.