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Has your child’s parent failed to make their child support payments? Have you attempted to communicate with them regarding this issue only to find that they are unwilling to provide you with the child support your child needs? This can be an especially frustrating issue, especially considering it could have an impact on your livelihood and the ability to provide for your child. It can be incredibly expensive to care for a child, making child support payments essential to ensuring the your child gets their needs met. If you have been experiencing these challenges, it may be in your best interest to take legal action with the help of a child support lawyer. Your child’s parent may face serious consequences as a result of non payment for the child support, including criminal charges and jail time.

Facing Consequences

Non payment of child support can come with its’ fair share of consequences for the non paying parent. When a child support agreement is adopted by the courts, it becomes a child support order, meaning that failure to uphold the court order could lead to hefty consequences, including:

  • Wage Garnishment
  • Income Tax Refund Withholding
  • Loss of Driver’s License
  • Fines
  • Jail Time

Overdue child support arrears, may be collected through this process in efforts to provide you and the child with the support you are reliant upon.

Criminal Charges

Depending upon the state you live, in the most serious of situations, your child’s parent may face either criminal or civil charges as a result of non payment of child support. When child support is ordered by the court, and a parent fails to make payments, they are considered to be in contempt of the court order. There is much disagreement regarding the harsh penalty for non payment. However, despite this, it’s important to have a child support lawyer to help represent the non custodial parent in such situations, especially if they are unable to afford child support payments. A child support lawyer may be able to have the child support order modified if necessary.

Next Steps for the Custodial Parent

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with a parent who is not making their child support payments. If you are waiting for child support payments that never arrive, it may be time to take action immediately with a child support lawyer. The other parent may be forced to face heavy consequences as a result of non payment. Working with a child support lawyer can help to:

  • Provide you with education surrounding the child support process and what you can expect
  • Navigate an often complex legal system
  • Listen to your needs and work towards obtaining the best outcome possible for you and your family
  • Help to obtain the child support that you may be entitled to

Most custodial parents do not want the other parent to face jail time as a result of their lack of custody payments. However, chances are, receiving child support to help in caring for your child is probably very important to you. Working with a child support lawyer can benefit you in that they can assist you in taking proper legal action in efforts to obtain the child support that is owed to you.

Source: Family Lawyers Tampa, FL, The Mckinney Law Group