When people make plans with friends and family to go boating, the goal is often to have a good time and enjoy a nice day out on the water. But, serious boating accidents can happen. There may be a variety of reasons for why a boating accident occurred, such as speeding, poor boat maintenance, crashing into another boat, gasoline leak fires, and more. These incidents can lead to passengers sustaining severe burns, broken bones, head injuries, and emotional trauma.

Victims in boating accidents may not know what to do about overdue medical bills and loss of earnings if they had to be out of work to recover. An attorney can advise victims on how to seek restitution from the party or company responsible for the accident. Here are a few crucial steps to take if you ever are involved in a boating wreck:

Always Call 911

Just as if you were part of any other type of accident, calling for 911 is important so you and other passengers can get the medical care you need. For critically injured passengers on a boat, time may be of the essence as to whether they survive or succumb to their condition. Many passengers may be afraid to call for help, especially if alcohol was involved. Never hesitate to call 911 out of fear of getting into trouble, as safety and health always come first.

See Your Doctor Shortly After

If you were not one of the victims who sustained serious injuries at the time of the boating accident, an attorney may still suggest visiting your doctor within the couple days after the incident. A doctor can run tests and examine you for potential injuries. Being part of a boating accident can be terrifying, so victims are commonly in a state of shock for hours or even days later. If you are flooded with panic hormones, chances are any injuries won’t be felt until your system has calmed down.

Take Photographs

They say photographs can speak a thousand words, and this can surely help your case if you pursue legal action against the individual responsible for the accident. Photographs are influential pieces of evidence that can help sway the lawsuit verdict into your favor. Take pictures of the boat damage, visible injuries, the entire scene, and any other factors of the accident that you believe could be important later on.

When meeting with an attorney, bring any documents pertaining to your injuries and what happened. Examples of helpful things to gather can be things like photographs, medical receipts, and a boating accident report. What they can do is take this information and evaluate your losses, to determine whether pursuing legal action is right for you. Let us assist as you heal from injuries. An attorney is here to support the entire way through. Call now to book your consultation!

Source: Personal Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, Rasmussen & Miner