If you are considering bringing a wrongful death lawsuit following the death of a loved one, the cost of bringing this suit may concern you. What are the costs of bringing a wrongful death lawsuit, and how are they handled?

Wrongful Death Lawyers Take Lawsuits on a Contingency Basis

Wrongful death lawyers accept wrongful death cases on a contingency basis. This means that they do not collect any fees or expenses unless they are successful in obtaining a judgement or settlement. If they are successful, they receive a percentage of the award. This amount typically ranges from a little over 30 percent to as high as 40 percent depending on the complexity of the case. Also, the firm will collect expenses such as copying, postage and copies of government reports such as police reports from your award.

While this may seem like a large amount, the amount of work that an attorney must do in these cases is considerable. Also, the award is often larger than the offer that the opposing side would make if an attorney was not involved.

What Costs Do Wrongful Death Lawyers Bear?

It is a mistake to think that a wrongful death lawyer is working by himself or herself on the case. Law firms which specialize in these kinds of cases often have large numbers of people. These staff members investigate pertinent facts about the case. They will interview the people involved, along with witnesses.

The firm may also hire expert witnesses, if needed, to help determine facts about the case and help convince the jury if the matter goes to trial. These expert witnesses are often doctors, accident investigators, safety consultants, or engineers. They may be in any number of professions that qualify them and allow them to sway a jury in your favor. The costs of bringing them in are significant.

The lawyers will also meet with opposing attorneys to negotiate a settlement if possible. The sooner a case can be settled at a fair amount, the lower expenses will be. The percentage collected will often be lower if the parties agree on a settlement before going to court.

How Are These Fees Collected?

Settlements and awards are typically given to the wrongful death lawyer’s office for distribution. This allows them to deduct fees and expenses first.

These fees and expenses can be considerable. However, they are necessary to allow wrongful death lawyers to continue representing clients. Your wrongful death lawyer in Tampa, FL, such as from Jeff Murphy Law, will work to maximize your award while keeping expenses to a minimum.