Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many motorcyclists feel that if they were in a motorcycle accident and were issued a speeding ticket, they can’t fight for compensation for their injuries. In some cases that might be true, but in others it’s not. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and received a speeding ticket, contact a lawyer to help you work through the details.

The Cause of Your Accident

Motorcyclists have to be at the top of their game at all times. They’re hard to see on some roads, and other drivers can be careless. Accidents happen all the time, and you can only hope it doesn’t happen to you. If it has already, what was the cause of your accident? Were you simply speeding down the road on a joy ride and lost control? If so, you more than likely won’t win at litigation. If you were trying to save your own life, you could have a chance to receive compensation for your injuries.

For example, a motorcyclist might have to accelerate through an intersection to get out of the way of someone who ran a red light and is coming through cross traffic. Though the scene might show the acceleration because of skid marks and witnesses, the rider might be able to prove that acceleration was necessary to avoid more serious injury or possible death.

Another example includes a motorcyclist on the freeway who has a reckless driver quickly coming up behind him. He has a car on both sides, so he can’t move over. He may accelerate to be able to get in front of a neighboring vehicle before the reckless car runs him over. Both situations could result in an accident, but both could be reasonably found to be in the best interest of safety for everyone.

What a Lawyer Can Do

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you fight for the compensation you feel you deserve. After a motorcycle accident, you might feel your injuries were the result of another driver, even though you were speeding. You might feel like you had to speed to save yourself or others. A lawyer may be able to help you prove these things so you can afford the medical bills, therapy bills and other costs you’ll have because of the accident.

If you speak with an attorney who feels you don’t have much of a case because your actions were truly negligent, they’ll let you know what you should do to move forward.

Contact a Lawyer for More Information

To learn more about motorcycle accident attorneys and how they assist you in fighting for what you deserve, contact your lawyer today.